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About Us

For the love of food and exploration, Divya travelled to 49 countries. She developed a love for cold pressed juice as a healthy part of her diet while keeping up with the erratic work schedules. But, when she moved back to India, keeping up with a clean and healthy lifestyle seemed challenging. She spent hours at the supermarkets and gourmet stores squint eyed, staring at the ingredient list trying to figure out what her food is made of.

She noticed how the aisles were  flooded with brands of healthy-looking juices and smoothies claiming to be all "natural” yet  hide their ingredients in the microscopic fonts at the back of the label. How the brands claim to be “fresh” yet have a shelf-life of upto 21-45 days, sometimes even 6 months?


On digging down deeper and doing a research, she found the answers to her questions.

Disguised in fancy words, in the name of 'healthy', brands are tricking us with deceiving labels and selling lies.

So with this in mind, in 2018, Puress was born out of passion to provide healthy, authentic, and genuine products that supported the desire for clean, healthy food habits. Products that are not only Good for You, but, Good for the Planet too.


Here's how we are making it "Good for You" - 

- We deliver freshest cold pressed juices, smoothies, and nut milks from our kitchen to your doorstep. So fresh that it is pressed a few hours prior delivery.

- Puress juices are made of 100% fresh fruits and vegetables, without any added sugar, water, preservatives, flavour or shelf-life-enhancing chemicals, additives, stabilizers, juice concentrates, heat or pressure processing.

- We use dates to naturally sweeten the smoothies and nut milks, and, of course, for all the goodness it contains. 

- We provide the most authentic products, and our clean labeling is the proof of that - we proudly list every single ingredient that goes into it.

- We don't strain or filter our drinks so that you don't lose out on pure goodness.

Here's how we are making it "Good for the Planet" -

 - We strive to use clean, sustainable packaging across our operations.

- Our drinks are packed in environmentally-friendly glass bottles, with a bottle recycling program that lets you return the bottles and get a cash refund back.

- We donate our fruit waste to up-cycle it into products like multi-purpose home cleaners and vegetable wash.

This year, we are working on making PURESS a part of your daily routine.  Whether it be with a bottle of fresh juice and sunshine or creamy almond milk to go with your morning coffee, or dark chocolate oat cookies in that afternoon lull when you might be craving something tasty yet healthy.

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