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Frequently Asked Questions

Cold pressed - What does it mean?

Cold pressed refers to the process of how the juice is extracted from the produce by using a Hydraulic Press or a Masticating Commercial Juicer. During this process, there is no heat generated, no high RPM friction or static electricity and therefore, no oxidation of the juice. It also means that the cellular structure of the raw fruits and vegetables remains undamaged and their nutrients remain remarkably live and intact. It is thus able to extract and preserve maximal amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients & other vital elements compared to other methods of juicing.

What is HPP? Why we never process?

Some "Cold pressed Juice brands" with a shelf-life more than 5 days claim to be "FRESH". They process their juices using a technology called HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) to increase the shelf-life of their products. While these processes inactivate potential bad bacteria in juices, it also inactivates the good bacteria and enzymes, extending the product shelf-life upto 30 days, making it a much more cost-efficient product. 
The result of purchasing high-pressure processed juice?

Paying a premium price for raw juice that is cold-pressed but certainly isn’t fresh.

We believe HPP is a convenient solution to supply chain challenges and profits - not quality, health and nutrition. We simply refuse to compromise the quality of our drinks in favour of increasing the shelf-life and logistical convenience. Hence, we never pasteurize, pressure process (HPP), or otherwise compromise the integrity of our juice in any way.

Is this same as home juicing?

Not really. Our juices are made with a cold press machine which is known to extract upto five times the amount of nutrients as compared to most other juicers. The produce is washed, cut and then subjected to thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum nutrients out of the produce and create a nutrient-dense juice.
On the other hand, home juicers are Traditional Blenders/ Juicers (Centrifugal) that operate at extremely high speeds, generates friction and a LOT of heat which oxidises and pretty much "kills" all the essential nutrients.

How are Puress juices different from tetra pack juices ?

Most of the tetra pack juices available in the market are "fruit based beverages" containing only 8-20% actual juice content. These juices contain a long list of artificial ingredients which should ideally have nothing to do with juices- fruit concentrate, water, added sugar, stabilizers, preservatives, taste enhancers and food dyes (artificial and natural colorings). Some brands also add synthetic fiber to give it a natural texture. Easiest way to know is by checking the shelf life; anything longer than 5 days will likely be processed.
Where as, Puress Juices are made of 100% Fresh Fruits and Veggies, without any use of sugar, preservatives, flavour or shelf-life-enhancing chemicals, additives, stabilisers, juice concentrates, heat or pressure processing.

How long does Puress juices last?

Our juices retain freshness upto 5 days when refrigerated and unopened. In order to get the maximum amount of nutrients, we recommend our juices should be consumed on the same day of opening.

How do I store my juices?

Our juices including all other beverages are preservative-free hence need to be refrigerated immediately at a temperature between 4°C- 8°C to prevent spoilage.

The taste or colour of my juice is different today? What is the reason?

We use fresh fruits and vegetables to make our cold pressed juices. Depending on the season, the colour and the taste of the fruits and vegetables may vary and therefore our juices too.

Are you all organic?

No, we are not 100% organic. Although we strive to be organic whenever possible. The amount of organic produce we use varies throughout the year. Most of our greens are  hydroponically grown. We are more focused on using fresh and seasonal, Non-GMO fruits and veggies.

Can your juices be used as a meal replacement or for detox diets?

We are big advocates of what we call “recreational/lifestyle juicing,” which we define as drinking tasty cold pressed juices whenever the mood strikes—say, instead of that morning coffee, OR in that afternoon lull when you might be craving something tasty. However, some people do use juices to detoxify, while some subscribe to ‘cleanse’ as a diet or as a meal replacement. You know what works best for your body and health. So for whatever purpose you want to drink the juices, it’s not only one of the healthiest beverages to consume, but also a reasonable alternative when you’re unable to consume whole fruits and vegetables. Either way, integrating cold pressed juices into your daily routine will help to keep you healthy, balanced and energized. We do not recommend completely replacing food with juice altogether (unless medically suggested or supervised).

How much weight will I lose?

Our juices are curated by a nutritionist to get the perfect balance of taste & nutrition. However, we don't claim our juices are designed to make or be part of any weight-loss program, although they can have that effect. By adding raw and nutritious juices to your daily routine, you will naturally begin to feel the difference.

I have a medical condition, can I consume juices?

If you have a medical condition that affects the way you eat or drink, it is always best to consult a doctor or a health care provider.
** For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before consuming the juices as certain fruits or vegetables may not be suitable.

Why glass bottles?

Not only does glass better preserve the quality of our juices, but it also has many environmental benefits. Recycling glass also reduces the space in landfills that would otherwise be taken up by used bottles and jars. Respecting the planet is important to us and we strive to use the cleanest sustainable packaging possible throughout the business.

Can I return the empty juice bottles?

Absolutely! We strictly believe in Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. policy. Our glass bottle recycling program depends on YOU to work. It’s quite simple to participate, plus you can help us make a difference in someone's life!

Simply follow the below steps - 

Step 1: Rinse your bottles with soap and water before you return it for hygiene purposes and to help prevent any possibility of bacteria growing. Discard the cap separately, we use fresh caps with each batch.

Step 2: Return the bottles to our delivery personnel on collection of minimum 5 bottles.

Step 3: Amount of  ₹3/bottle will be donated to support the underprivileged (in partnership with Smeransh foundation)

PS. Only clean bottles in good condition will be accepted.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver all across Mumbai & Thane.

How much is the delivery cost?

We provide Free Delivery within 3 km radius of our outlet (Vile-Parle E) on orders above Rs. 99/- 

Other areas delivery cost is calculated as per the address on checkout.  

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